Being mindful

Mindfulness  is an important concept in Buddhist philosophy. It is about being completely present in what you are doing at the time; not being distracted by emotional baggage or trying to rush through to the next thing on the list. The idea has spread outside its original Buddhist context, and is seen by many as a good way to combat stress. It is even being picked up by schools as a way to help students to focus and avoid stress.

When I first heard about the EYLF, I immediately linked the concept of mindfulness to the strand on being.

Wise people remind us not to hurry childhood – to let children enjoy being children.  Children are superb at being in the moment.  They know how to be enchanted by a butterfly, or focus totally on the task of rolling over, or give themselves entirely over to fantasy play.

Children know how to enjoy being. Sometimes, we forget to let them.

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