Just before I set up my beingbelongingbecoming Facebook page, there was a massive double rainbow in the sky across my city. Word spread by text and fb and my teenagers rushed outside to see it.
They got a great photo, which I grabbed for my avatar. I liked how strongly it worked even in miniature: the two-tone sky; the sense of place it gets from the gum trees.
Reflecting since, I have found another reason to be pleased with this choice.
I have long been intrigued by the way depicting rainbows seems to go with turning five. So many children I have taught over the years have spent their preschool year repeatedly drawing or painting rainbows – some almost to the point of obsession.
Rainbows seem to hold a special fascination for children at that stage of development.
I wonder why?

I am not alone in my special affection for rainbows as an image for early childhood learning. A friend calls her Italian language school ‘Arcobaleno Bimbi’. I came across an ece music page with rainbows in its name. And I got pointed in the direction of another early childhood blog called Look At My Happy Rainbow, which is also interesting for the author being another one of the rare men in early childhood education.

One response to “Rainbow”

  1. Lesley says :

    I enjoy reading your posts. We would love you to be a part of EARLY PLAY AUSTRALIA. please have a look and get back to me soon.

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