Water wall

Fabulous freestanding flexible water wall

I have been seeing water walls crop up here and there on blogs and facebook pages all over the place recently.

They are a wonderful idea. So much learning potential. And so much fun.

This particular one is free standing, and uses lots of funnels and pieces of tube.  The tube is slotted through the holes at some points, so the water travels from one side to the other.  Flexible ties have been used to attach them to the mesh so it can be rearranged easily, as well as repaired.

Being free standing, it can be moved into the shade, and put away for a while, making it that much more responsive to the needs of the moment.  And I can see it could double as a little gate or space divider at other times.

Others I have seen use recycled bottles and junk, so they are an exercise in repurposing as well.

What clever, inventive, energetic, creative people there are in early childhood education.

A water wall is definitely going on my list for next year.

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