Buath Garu


Slender Spear Grass in bloom.

Yesterday a friend posted on her facebook status that Grass Flowering Season is ending and Kangaroo Apple Season is about to start.

As I think about how to include indigenous perspectives in my early childhood program next year, I should remember to learn about the seasons.  Aboriginal people divide the seasons and mark them by particular natural events – a plant blooming, an insect appearing.

I have already planted some local indigenous grasses at kinder. There is some of this same Slender Spear Grass that grows in my own garden.  I find it very beautiful. I love how it waves in the breeze, and catches the sunlight.

When I first went to buy some indigenous grass seedlings, the nursery showed me how the seeds of the spear grasses can be thrown like tiny darts, and will stick.  Fun for children.  Maybe too challenging for preschoolers – I can try.

My friend said Grass Flowering Season is called Buath Garu (though she did not say in what language). It has warm weather and lots of rain.  In Kangaroo Apple Season we expect changeable thundery weather.

2 responses to “Buath Garu”

  1. Simon normand says :

    I am currently making a mosaic season calendar – buath garru season is featured – wondering if you thought this was a Wurunjeri name as the mosaic is being placed in a garden in Wurunjeri country – any idea?- thanks Simon

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