Men in ECE

One of my first posts was about how we really could do with more men working in early childhood education.

There is a list doing the rounds at the moment of men who blog on early childhood. Alec of Child’s Play Music posted his version here.

It is a good list.  Good bloggers.  Interesting men doing interesting work. Good on them.

That list is not long – 15 or 16.  But mine is shorter, because I am only  listing the ones who work in preschool education now. I have left out the primary school teachers; and the men who build things, or direct things; the ones who have consultancies or opinions.

I have taken some links from Greg’s post, and cut his list down. This is an even shorter list* of blogging blokes who, as recently as last week, earnt their crust at the playdough-face of direct early childhood care:

Tom Hobson: Teacher Tom
Scott Wiley: Brick By Brick
tomsensory: Sand and Water Tables
Sergio Pascucci: Crayons, Wands and Building Blocks
and Greg Harvey himself: Males in Early Childhood
and there is also akoanarky 

and perhaps Jeff Johnson at Explorations Early Learning also qualifies, since he seems to still be involved in Family Day Care.

Not that I don’t respect the men who care enough about children to think deeply and write about early education, in whatever capacity.  But I particularly want to recognise the men who actively work as educators of young children, on the same wages and conditions as the 98% of women in the industry.

This very short list of bloggers represent them.

*As far as I know.  If I have misread a blog, or anyone knows of a missing link, I’d love to update this.

2 responses to “Men in ECE”

  1. @ko says :

    Well I’m at the coal face everyday – although I’m not keen on playdough nor a thousand tips on play ideas. What was your criteria?


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