Bit thin on the ground

We are used to educators whinging about having too many students. Lamenting a small class is not so common.  But that is my problem now.

I am used to teaching 22 students. At 25, I get a bit stressed.  18 is great.  15 is ok.  Even 12 at a pinch.

But at the moment I only have 5.  And it is not enough.

After I have set up some activities, dealt with the separation anxiety, done some intentional teaching and had some quality interactions, I feel like I need to back off a bit and give them some space.  I don’t want to be in their faces all the time.

So I write a few obs, and twiddle my thumbs for a while until somebody needs me.

The thing is, I know there are educators that are geared to work with 4-5 kids all the time. I have these kids for 2.5 hours.  I don’t know what I would do with them for a whole day, like they do in FDC.  The rhythms and patterns of their work are another world to me.

I suppose it goes to show how our habits and skills are particular to one setting (or age group or timeframe) and do not automatically transfer.

One response to “Bit thin on the ground”

  1. Linda Tandy says :

    Your comments are so true!!

    I have great awe and respect for those that are centre based.

    I have been in FDC now for about 9 years. I struggle with getting ‘everything’ done! for my 5. Last week I had a day with just 2 children and yes I found myself twiddling my thumbs and not quite knowing to ‘do’ with them.

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