Flowers are red

A friend linked me to this song by Dawud Warnsby. She used to use it with students of early childhood education.

It is lovely. It vividly illustrates the idea that children should be allowed to see the world in their own creative and honest ways, and not be locked into stereotypes.

I am sure none of us would recognise ourselves in the teacher that insisted flowers can only be red.

Early childhood educators in Australia are pretty strongly wedded to the idea that we want to foster creativity in children.  We are quick to produce the right language about child centred practice, about process art, about individuality.

The song is a reductio ad absurdum. It is easy not to sympathise with that stern looking teacher and her silly rules.  We would never be that teacher.

But how good are we at seeing all the other ways that we are involved in institutionalising children?

And how good are we at questioning them?

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