Eggs for Easter


See how beautifully our red eggs turned out.

I found proper Orthodox egg dye in our local supermarket.  They had two types in fact.  For one the method involved cooking the eggs in the dye.  I chose the one where you boil the eggs first, and put them in dye at room temperature.  Much easier at kinder.

I got the kids to draw on the eggs first with wax crayon.  They are quite young, and new at kinder, so just getting the crayons to make any kind of mark was a puzzle for them.  We dyed them and watched them turn bright red.  The children were as fascinated as any teacher could hope.

I had planned to polish them with oil as well – remembered to bring a rag from home.  But we had plenty to do without that.

A new boy was a bit upset. He has a Greek name.  I rightly guessed he would made some eggs with a grandmother.  We drew on and dyed an egg together. It made a great link between school and home.  +1 for belonging.

We painted on egg shaped paper and searched the garden for little plastic eggs with chicks inside.

Several families had remembered my request to bring in Easter egg wrappers.  We used them for collage, on (vaguely) egg shaped paper.

We sent the red eggs home.

So that is what we did for Easter in the end.

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