Is the Holy Grail this way?

This year, I have decided to try something new with my pedagogical documentation.

That, in itself, is not new. I don’t think I know a single educator who is satisfied with how they do their documentation. We are all always looking for that Holy Grail: the perfect way to document.

Perhaps we are asking for too much. We want it to be rich and meaningful and holistic and thorough and presentable and up to date. For each child we are teaching. Small wonder we are still searching.

Anyway, I have decided for this year that I want to use this blog as part of my documentation suite. I have pulled it out of moth balls, and plan to tell some of my 2015 teaching story in this medium.

In my long hiatus from blogging, I have been involved in the more dialogic world of facebook groups. There was a massive explosion of ECE onto facebook and there have been some fascinating groups appear. I have learnt so much about the situations and thoughts of other educators around Australia. These conversations often give me food for thought.

But we seem to have come full circle in parts. I am seeing the same topics crop up. The same questions asked. I know they are new to those posters, but I can’t find the energy to retype my views all over again. So I am coming back here.

One of the conclusions I have come to over the last year is that it is good to share more of my thoughts about teaching with parents. They need to understand where I am coming from. I am also heeding advice to do less documentation, but try to make it more meaningful.

In this site, I speak as an educator and my imagined audience is other educators. But I have now decided that the families I work with should be able to see me in that guise as well. So I plan to consider this blog part of my suite of documentation – up the reflective practitioner end of things – and invite parents in the group to read it if they like.



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