Toys from home

When I first started teaching, the expectation seemed to be that children should not bring toys from home. Over time, my attitude to this has changed. I have seen how bringing toys, books and favourite things from home can be a good thing. They give insight into children’s interests and help us get to know them. They can help children connect with other children, which is especially useful for children who are working on their sense of belonging. They can spark fertile directions for play and learning. There is also the idea that we should not say no to children at kindergarten unless we have a compelling reason (the ethic of hospitality).

So now, after reflection, we have rules that allow children to bring things from home to share.

We ask them to keep them in their locker if they are not prepared to share. If they bring them out to play with, they are expected to let everyone use them. We ask them to keep them inside – things taken outside are much more easily lost or damaged. Finally, we ask children to take responsibility for the things they bring.


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