Festa della mamma

We celebrated Mother’s Day at kinder, inviting all* the mothers to visit to hear us sing and receive some gifts we had made. La Festa della Mamma is big in the Italian community. This is what we did for this celebration, and some of the curriculum we see in these activities:

Impiantare una patata

Siobhan collected enough Illy coffee tins for each child in the group. (Repurposing for sustainability). Anna worked with the children to turn these into planters. First they made holes in the base with a hammer and nail. (Risk taking, hand eye coordination, craft skills, one on one interaction.) They mixed up some rotted down tanbark and soil to make potting mix, and filled the pots. (Understanding soil, using tools, conservation of volume.) They planted a couple of freesia bulbs in the pot, and put it outside to get some cold and rain. (Caring for plants, seasonality.)

Una cartolina

We asked families to collect Easter egg wrappers. We used these for decoration of heart shaped cards. (Cut for us by Rose’s daughter – links to community.) Rose worked with each child to create a card with a photo of the mother and child, the child’s signature, and auguri to Mum, and decoration. (Visual art, recycled materials, writing, Italian language.)

Ritratto della mamma

Siobhan worked with each child to do a drawing of mamma. (Planned assessment – human figure representation.) She asked each child to answer the question ‘perche vuoi bene alla mamma? / why do you love your Mum?’. The picture and the child’s answer were mounted to be gifted to Mum. (Communication, expressing emotion.)


We asked each mother and child pair to work together to make a set of paper balloons we can use as props for singing cinque palloni. (Tracing or freehand drawing of circles, cutting, scaffolding.)


All the mothers were invited to come to kinder for a visit to receive their gifts and hear us sing for them. We sang

Ciao buon giorno

Cinque palloni

Canzone d’amore


(Italian language, greeting sequence, colour words, family members, tomato bottling vocabulary, singing, performance, giving, music, culture)

*Before going ahead with this, we checked that every child would be included.



2 responses to “Festa della mamma”

  1. Anne Peters says :

    Wow Siobhan! I just love this! I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to print it out and give it to my students as a GREAT example of recording. Thank you!!

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