We had a bee hive at kinder.

A beekeeper from Surrey Hills brought his hive, and some honey. He has spread a hive out and put it behind glass so we could watch the bees working. Where the queen bee is, it is busy and hot. We could see them making wax, and looking after the baby grubs, and feeding the queen. We could see the queen laying eggs. We got to taste honey – two different kinds from different flowers.

He showed us all the things that bees make – not just honey and wax, but broccoli and carrots and apples and almonds. Forty percent of our diet depends on pollination by bees. They take 120,000 hives to Shepparton to pollinate the Victorian almond crop.  The teachers and parents were just as fascinated as the children.

The children are learning to tell the difference between a bee – ape – and a wasp – vespa. We have a collection of insects preserved in hand sanitiser so the children can have a good look. We know the bees are our friends – they won’t sting us if we don’t make them scared. If a bee comes near, the best thing to do is stand still until it flies away.


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