About this blog

I am a kindergarten teacher in Victoria, Australia.

In Victoria, kindergarten is the preschool year – when children are four going on five.

I am interested in preschool learning (for children, educators and families), curriculum, progressive education, innovation, bilingual learning, pedagogical gardening.  Through this blog I am hoping to record my own thoughts about being a teacher, and to interact with the growing internet community of interesting bloggers in this field.

5 responses to “About this blog”

  1. Maureen Doyle says :

    Im a child studies student and always searching for new ideas and recourses to help with my studies 🙂

  2. Te Kiira Parkinson says :

    Kia ora no Aotearoa,

    Gidday from New Zealand, tendering thanks and an apology.

    First the grovelish apology. I tried to put a link on my FB page to your Waterwall article and only succeeded in pasting in your pic. When my big son gets home, I’ll get him to make the link properly, so you get due credit and perhaps an enlarged audience.

    My thanks are due for your provision of relevant, easy to read and personable viewpoints, I’m conducting research at the mo, and your posts remind me of all the wonderful things I miss so much about mahi (work.)

    Heoi ano na,

    Te Kiira

    • goccediacqua says :

      Thank you Te Kiira

      I would love to know more about your research – I am doing research myself at the moment, and I want to connect with other early childhood educators who are also researchers. My own research is on bilingual early childhood education, which I imagine is a field you know something about.

      If you want to try the link again, try this:
      1. open my blog on the page you want
      2. copy the address in the white field at the top of the page that starts with ‘http’
      3. open your facebook
      4. past the address you have copied into your facebook page – it should create a link to the blog
      5. approve the post.

  3. Hazel Edwards says :

    I’m flattered that you used my ‘There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake’ in your ceremony. Maybe the ‘ Look, There’s a Hippopotamus in the Playground Eating Cake’ would be a more useful transiiton book about starting school? My website has extra activities related to all the picture books and you’re welcome to the downloadable resources for chidlren and for educators.
    http://www.hazeledwards.com .

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